In addition to the electrical specialist industry, industry is our most important customer. Müller Plastik manufactures Schuko plugs, contour plugs, international plugs, device plugs, couplings, CEE components and stop parts for many industries, such as automotive, telecommunications and home appliance manufacturers.

But we also manufacture for medical technology, a sensitive area with high requirements. Cables and cables from Müller Plastik are used in ultrasonic devices, measuring sensors and image transmissions, work reliably and are long-lasting.

We offer the right solution for power supplies of all kinds in small and large series. The production of special solutions for plugs, cables and couplings are also no problem. Nominal voltages of up to 750 V, insulating sleeves made of PVC, ethylene-propylene-diene rubber and polyurethanes, single-stranded or multi-stranded, fine and ultra-fine wires are feasible. Of course, all products are adapted to the corresponding standards, voltages and frequencies.

DiffErent earthed safety plug

Schuko plugs are available with us in different versions as angled plug and central plug with double earthing contact system according to DIN VDE 0620-1: 2005-4, of course also in the IP44 version. Our Schuko plugs have a PVC sheath, a built-in kink protection and are designed for a maximum load of 16 A and a voltage of 250 V. The plug is molded onto the cable for the highest loads.

These technical specifications also apply to our contour plugs which are used for devices without protective contact. Classic applications are drills, hair dryers and vacuum cleaners. Contour plugs from Müller Plastik have an anti-kink protection and an integrated strain relief. Of course we also offer Euro plug.


If devices are to be sold abroad, they often need a different plug. In our assortment are numerous international plugs, for example for the USA (2 or 3 poles), Australia (2- or 3 poles, also for New Zealand and Papua New Guinea suitable), Denmark, England (usable in many countries, including Ireland, Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malta) and Switzerland. But we also have the right plug solution for Italy and the Netherlands. In addition, we produce device connectors of various types. In addition to cold and warm device central sockets and plugs, the device plugs are also available angled.

You are looking for clutches? Whether Schuko central sockets with side protective contacts, IP44 protective contact couplings with splash water cover or coupling sockets with center contact - with us you will find it. And in case of special requests, our toolmaking department with design department is at your disposal. Special designs in small series from 50 pieces are easily realizable.


For the industry, we also offer CEE plugs in various variants, including 5-pin shell versions with and without phase inverter, molded CEE plugs (3-, 4- and 5-pin) and mounted CEE plugs and couplings.

Please contact one of our employees who will be happy to advise you. Later, a personal contact person will be available during the entire production and delivery phase.