K6A-5W1 angled 2-pole contour plug lateral

Plug Type C
DIN VDE 0620-1:2005-4
acc. to DIN49406-2-R
Standard sheet XVII, 16A, 250V~

Cable type           Diameter
H05VV-F2x0.75 - 2x1.5
H05Z1Z1-F2x0.75 - 2x1.5
H05RR-F2x0.75 - 2x1.5
H05RN-F2x0.75 - 2x1.0
H07RN-F2x1.0 - 2x1.5
H05BQ-F2x0.75 - 2x1.0
H07BQ-F2x1.0 - 2x1.5

Further cable types on demand!

This type of plug is used in many ways, you can find it in the household on hair straighteners or hair dryers. In medical technology from electrical treatment-tables to electronic examination devices. In the field of electric hand tools on different devices from drills to hot cutting devices. With highly flexible cables and a special kink protection sleeve, this plug is used on high-quality vacuum cleaners with and without a roll-up mechanism