K03-SL 2-pole socket with earthing contacts ip44 for heavy duty

with extra pull relief and splashproof cap
acc. to DIN VDE0620-1:2005-4
and DIN 49440-2-D
standard sheet III

Cable types           Diameter
H05VV-F3G1.5 - 3G2.5
H05Z1Z1-F3G1.5 - 3G2.5
H05RR-F3G1.5 - 3G2.5
H07RN-F3G1.5 - 3G2.5
H07BQ-F3G1.5 - 3G2.5

Other cable types and cross-sections on request!

The tough use on construction sites or in stage technology in the event area requires a robust coupling that can take a lot.