BP1 UK-plug with earthing contact

Type G
available fuse: 3, 5, 10 and 13A
acc. to BS 1363A

Cable type         Diameter
H05VV-F3G0.75 - 3G1.5
H05Z1Z1-F3G0.75 - 3G1.5
H05RR-F3G0.75 - 3G1.5
H05RN-F3G0.75 - 3G1.0
H05BQ-F3G0.75 - 3G1.0
H07BQ-F3G1.0 - 3G1.5
H05SS-F3G075 - 3G1.5

Further diameter and cable types on demand!

The UK plug is also known as the "Commonwealth plug" and is used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and Malaysia.